This product uses the most advanced "whole gene sequence analysis" and
reports results that demonstrate the superior functionality of.

  • Bacterial identification. Proof of only lactic acid bacteria.
  • Microbial safety analysis. No drug resistance gene is matched at all.
  • Prokaryotic genomes. Total: 4,588 complete prokaryotic genomes were found.
  • Prokaryotic gene body function prediction. All 27 complete functional groups are included, with the largest number of (transcribed) related genes.
    There are still 19% unknown functions, and these 19% contain even more powerful and unimaginable functions.
Commissioned Agricultural Technology Research Institute (ATRI) to conduct in situ lung cancer resistance test in mice
Prove that the world's only non-drug, non-killing cell can significantly reduce tumors.
It is suitable for any cancer. It is conservatively estimated that it can recover from clinical stage 4 to stage 0 every 2.5 months, so that the tumor disappears completely.
In 2021, it was published in international journals to prove that LF-301 quantum fusion lactic acid bacteria does have a powerful effect.April 28, 2021 Probiotic Complex Feed Additive against LL/2 Lung Cancer in Mice
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